About Elite

Quality. Preservation. Innovation.

Since 1979, Nicholas Salerno is a recognized homebuilder that has been committed to excellence. To be a successful builder, it helps to have a clear vision of what you stand for and Nicholas Salerno had that vision when he created his company. Elite Construction Corporation was founded after 20 years of building modular and traditional stick built homes. Nick developed Elite Construction based on his own designs. Today, Elite Construction Corp. is still going strong by adhering to the principles and vision, a company whose homes would provide lasting advantages for years to come using quality materials and product innovation.

Restoring the Shore

Elite is currently involved in “Restoring the Shore,” one home at time along the coast and inland; helping those in need in all towns in Ocean County, Monmouth County and Atlantic County. The Restoring the Shore project enables Elite to create everything from the rehabilitation of a home to the elevating aspects. We are an official builder for the New Jersey RREM  Grant program. Proud to say we offer in-house mitigation experts to assist you every step of the way with your grant process. We are here to help our customers, each one of you. It is an arduous task to start again, but we make it easier.

In closing, I would like to say confidently, I am fair with my New Home Construction pricing  and never price gauge. I accept all my customers’ plans, surveyor, architect and some product suppliers within reason to the construction of the specific home plans. We have endless options to choose from, allowing room for choices. The key with my construction is simple, it is your home, not mine; with this in mind I invite my customers personal requests and do my best to provide them with services only in their-best-interest Our company’s experienced staff of professionals overcome everyday obstacles to handle even the most difficult projects with skill and vision.

Other Developments/Project Experience

Since Elite’s incorporation, he now designs, constructs and markets a variety of “for-sale” housing which includes over 500 residential homes and over 80 modular homes in the South Jersey area. Elite is a full-scale developer who, during the last several years, has developed projects ranging from single-family homes, townhouse/condominium projects to commercial developments and retail building renovations.